My approach to appraising is simple.  I want to be fair, honest, reliable, and accurate.  Over the years, the residential real estate appraisal business has been tarnished by too many fraudulent or incompetent appraisers.  A portion of the financial crisis we experienced a few years back can be traced to appraisers who were simply "rubber stamps" for shady mortgage brokers and real estate agents.  In my view, an honest and ethical appraiser is a firewall between an unknowing buyer and an unscrupulous lender.   We are the one's who can save a buyer from making a big mistake.

Honest lenders, like those for whom I work, also care about honest and accurate appraisals.  This is especially true of lenders who don't sell their loans, but keep them "in house."  They want to know what the real value of their collateral is.  I am proud of the fact that the main stable of my lender clients have stayed loyal to my services over 20 or 30 years.

Beside lenders, there are others who depend on reliable appraisals.  Attorneys use my services because my reports are reasonable and supported by market data.  It is especially useful in divorce or other disputes because appraisals viewed as fair generally lead to settlements and out of the mess of a court case.

Homeowners rely on my accurate appraisals for pre-sale consultations.  In this changing market, it is more important than ever to price the house correctly from the beginning.  Time wasted on the market for extended periods of time costs money in the end.

Real estate agents use my services to be an unbiased party when the owner will not agree on a price reduction.  Unfortunately, some view real estate agents as those who want to either "low ball" the price for a quick sale or "pump up" the listing price to look better than another competing agent just to get the listing contract. (In my opinion, most agents are trying their best to estimate a fair listing price.) Either way, I can serve as a neutral party to mediate a dispute.

Perhaps the most important reason for our success is good customer service.  When I come out to make an inspection, I don't rush through the house.  I take my time and a carefully look at every important feature of the home.  I also take the time to talk to you about the process, to listen to your concerns and answer any question you may have.